Thursday, June 27, 2013

facebook developers comments : How to insert a photo (any photo) from internet into a comment

Facebook developers comments

 In this video you will see how to insert a photo from the internet into Facebook comment box as if it came from your local drive. You can comment using images from your local machine, but after seeing this video you will learn how to comment to posts using any photo you want without downloading it from the Internet, just simply get the path to it..

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Facebook tricks - Invite all your friends to your group, page and event

How to invite all of your friends to your :
  • Page
  • Group
  • Event
With just one click you can achieve this. Those who have many friends (+3000) and own groups, pages or events that promote a service, a cause or even a business will make a good use of this trick.

Note : This trick doesn't work with Firefox browser.

Just follow my leads as shown in this video below .

Here is the code I was talking about in the video .

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